Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great friends, tough times.

I am a new blogger and i am really excited to join the club!!!

My sister Emily introduced me to this world and i feel like it will help me get things off my mind.

I am going through a break up right now of a long relationship and i have wonderful sisters and friends helping me through it. I an hopeing that this blog will help me express how i feel without having to complain all the time. lol

I am out of school for the Summer so i am really excited to hangout with all of my old friends from highschool again. I just put in my two weeks at work so that i can start a full time job back at home to make some money for next year.

Tonight i am going to my friends Rachel's Aunts house with her and Abby to have to some girl fun while im down in the dumps.. There is nothing like getting in PJs with your girlfriends and watching a chick flick when you are going through a hard time.

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